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[TechRepublic] Enhance Windows XP's performance

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TechRepublic Member | December 11, 2009

MindSoft Utilities 2009 for Windows XP 2009.20 (Windows)

With 19 high performance utilities, MindSoft provides XP users the unique opportunity to pinpoint problems plaguing their computers and take remedial measures. [License: Free to try] Read more

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On-Demand Webcast: The New World of SharePoint Administration

Gain the insight you need to prepare for SharePoint 2010 and get a head start on learning about all its powerful new management features.

New software downloads


Free Registry Defrag 2.40 (Windows)

Free Registry Defrag optimizes your registry by removing gaps and wasted space, thus improves the whole system performance. [License: Free] Read more

Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool 3.2 (Windows)

The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks Windows XP, Windows 2000,and Windows Server 2003 computers for and helps remove infections by specific, prevalent malicious software. [License: Free] Read more

BackupFly (Windows)

BackupFly - it is safe to synchronize and back up data to support a flexible schedule, and the ability to reserve real-time data as it changes. [License: Free to try] Read more

Core FTP Server 1.0 build 321 (Windows)

Core FTP Server is a secure FTP server with SSL/TLS/FTPS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP/S support virtual paths, access rules, and certificate authentication. [License: Free] Read more

Formula Builder for MS Word Basic Edition (Windows)

Formula Builder for MS Word - Basic Edition is a Word add-in program that makes it easy to create formulas in any new or existing Word document. [License: Free to try] Read more

Multi-Copy Tools 1.6 (Windows)

Multi-Copy Tools can automatically back up or synchronize many folders or files. Multi-Copy Tools is a software for Win32 platforms, Win2k, WinXP, and Vista. [License: Free to try] Read more

VirtualBox 3.1 (Windows)

innotek VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. [License: Free] Read more

Network File Monitor Pro 2.32.14 (Windows)

Data replication, backup, and synchronization software for networks. [License: Free to try] Read more

Unknown Device Identifier 7.0 (Windows)

Identify unknown devices not recognized by Windows in your system especially after you reinstall your system and cannot figure out what all those yellow question mark labeled devices really are. [License: Free] Read more

CryptoExpert Professional 7.9.15 (Windows)

CryptoExpert uses a real-time on-the-fly encryption system to encrypt and decrypt data. [License: Free to try] Read more

Meeting Scheduler for Chrome 1.0 (Windows)

This extension starts a ScheduleOnce meeting directly from your Chrome toolbar. [License: Free] Read more

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Lark AntiSpyware 3.0 (Windows)

Easeus Todo Backup 1.1 (Windows)

TextCrawler 1.1.4 (Windows)

USBDeview 1.50 (Windows)

PDF24 Editor 2.6.1 (Windows)

FCleaner Portable (Windows)

Mail Scripts 2.10.1 (Mac)

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Disclaimer: CNET Networks is not responsible for the content of the publisher's descriptions or user reviews on this site. We encourage you to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal. We do not encourage or condone the use of any software in violation of applicable laws. CNET Networks does not sell, resell, or license any of the products listed on the site. We cannot be held liable for issues that arise from the download or use of these products. Incorrectly editing the Windows Registry can cause serious problems requiring the reinstallation of your operating system and may lead to the loss of data. TechRepublic does not and will not support problems that arise from editing your registry.

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Product Spotlight: Munin network resource monitoring tool

Munin is an open source application that enables the administrator to monitor and collect data for networks, PCs, SANS, and even applications. Read more

Product Spotlight: EASEUS Partition Master

If you need more partitioning power than the Windows native Disk Management provides, you should take a closer look at EASEUS Partition Master 4.1.1. Read more

Product Spotlight: IOGear GCS1764 KVM switch

The IOGear GCS1764 is a KVM switch that can switch the USB devices, the monitor, and the audio for up to four devices. Read more

It's Microsoft Patch Tuesday: December 2009

Justin James gathers the information you need to make the right decision on applying Microsoft's December 2009 patches in your organization. Read more

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Most popular software of 2009

What were the 10 most-viewed software products on CNET Look no further than our slideshow. View on site

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Live Webcast: Ready, Set, Refresh--Why Windows 7 Changes the Game

Find out how much a well-planned hardware and OS refresh can save your company in support and repair costs while dramatically boosting productivity.

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Harvard study: Computerization costs hospitals more than it saves

How our PC and TV habits are changing

How science scholarships will help America be more competitive

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Free! Ensuring Web Service Quality for Service-Oriented Architectures (Oracle)

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