Thursday, October 29, 2009

[TechRepublic] Remove XP from a dual-boot system

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TechRepublic Windows XP

TechRepublic Member | October 29, 2009

Migrate to Windows 7 from an XP dual-boot configuration

Greg Shultz shows you how to safely undo a Windows XP and Windows 7 dual-boot system so that you can complete your migration from Windows XP to 7. Read more

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The end is near for Windows XP: what are you going to do?

Tips to speed up defrag operations in Windows XP

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Improve Windows XP's hard drive performance with disk striping

Microsoft Patch Tuesday Roundup


Put the Route command to work with the help of this Windows gadget

This handy gadget offers the diagnostic benefits of the Route command without the command-line hassles. Read more

How do I save power on my PC with Edison

Edison provides a simple means of controlling and monitoring the energy used by your personal computer. Jack Wallen explains how to use it. Read more

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Determine readiness for Windows 7 with the Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit

Derek Schauland shows you how to use the Microsoft Assessment and Planning toolkit to gauge your organization's readiness for Windows 7 and generate reports and proposals to take to management. Read more

US Government may need to limit Internet use during flu pandemic, GAO says

The US GAO believes the government may need to block high-bandwidth sites to limit Internet congestion during a pandemic. Is it the right strategy? Read more

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Scott Lowe talks about three reasons why upgrading to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 makes sense for Westminster College. Read more

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Make your client desktop visits more effective with these tips and techniques from a seasoned IT field engineer. Read more

Product Spotlight: Jitterbit Enterprise MX 3.0

Jitterbit 3.0 can link a variety of software packages to help enterprise business analysts better manage business information. Read more

101 Windows XP tips, tweaks, and hacks

Have extra budget to spend? Then order TR Pro's 101 Microsoft Windows XP Tips, Tweaks, and Hacks You Need to Know These tips will help you troubleshoot problems, achieve better performance, and configure your system. You'll also get tweaks and hacks that allow you to customize Windows XP to suit your needs. Order the download today! 101 Windows XP tips, tweaks, and hacks

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Google released screen shots of "Eclair," its 2.0 Android update. View on site

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10 ways to make desktop visits more effective

Make your client desktop visits more effective with these tips and techniques from a seasoned IT field engineer.

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