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[TechRepublic] Inventory your network with IQ Netscan

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TechRepublic Network Administrator

TechRepublic Member | August 05, 2009

Inventory your network with IQ Netscan

Do you know what's on your network? Whether you're doing a clean-up or need some help keeping track of all your licensed software, a network inventory tool might be the tool you need. Derek Schauland takes a look at the IQ Netscan features. Read more


Manage your salary expectations

Get to know the average salary for your IT job function. Join the activeTechPros community and view the IT Salary & Skills Report 2009 today.

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New Windows BranchCache: Features and considerations

Bandwidth management is one of the most venerable of IT challenges. A new feature may help this for some environments that move to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. In this blog, IT guru Rick Vanover outlines BranchCache. Read more

Spam shows no decline: How are you defending your network?

Spam remains a major problem, as evidenced by the July 2009 edition of the MessageLabs Intelligence Report. Blogger Paul Mah explores a couple of network methods that can be used to mitigate the effect of spam. Read more

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Microsoft Windows 7 final pricing is revealed and analyzed

The pricing for Microsoft Windows 7 has been finalized. Greg Shultz takes closer look at how much it will cost you to upgrade to Windows 7. Read more

Secure remote firewall administration via SSH

Most firewall systems contain a Web-based component that allows you to configure the firewall, but it's not very secure. Vincent Danen shows you a method via SSH that has the advantage of authentication and strong encryption. Read more

10 reasons why Windows 7's XP Mode is a big deal

Windows 7 features a new twist: XP Mode, which lets you run your Windows XP apps without compatibility issues. Brien Posey explains why XP Mode is significant and outlines its benefits. Read more

Automated updates: Why they may not be such a good idea

It's the time of year that software developers dread. Black Hat and Defcon security conferences just finished, the fallout is starting to be digested, and everyone is figuring out who got hit the worst. Micahel Kassner addresses the potential of a new threat involving automatic updates. Read more

ZF05 gives us one more reason to use unique passwords

Some big names in the security conference circuit have fallen victim to security breaches. Learn from their mistakes. Read more

Product Spotlight: VirtualBox open source virtual machine app

VirtualBox is a free, open source virtual machine application that will have you up and running with this technology in very little time and with much fewer headaches. Read more

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Photos: Defcon badge inspires hacks

Likely the most sophisticated around, Defcon conference badges feature customized circuitry, interactive LEDs, and hidden features for attendees to hack and explore. View on site

Our Apple tablet hardware/software wish list

As long as everyone's speculating blindly, we took the initiative to work up a wish list of hardware and software for when or if the Apple tablet is ever released. View on site


Live Web Event: Virtualizing Your Infrastructure with Intel, IBM and VMware

Discover how to best implement virtualization to reduce costs, improve IT service and manage risk across your servers, storage devices, and networks.

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The subversive side of sustainability

Want to fix healthcare? Try permission marketing

CEO of Fangango on multiple revenue streams

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Manage your salary expectations

The Economist Intelligence Report: Managing Risk Through Financial Processes (SAP)

Strategies for deploying blade servers in existing data centers (American Power Conversion (APC))

Two Free White Papers: Grid Computing on Windows. Download Now (Oracle)

Technology-based learning: Extending reach & ensuring leadership development effectiveness (SkillSoft)


10 IT flame wars that will never go away

Anyone who has spent time in the TechRepublic forums is well acquainted with the ongoing skirmishes and philosophical conflagrations that IT pros often engage in. Jack Wallen looks at 10 of the most enduring battles being waged in the IT world. Read more

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Microsoft Windows 7 final pricing is revealed and analyzed

The pricing for Microsoft Windows 7 has been finalized. Greg Shultz takes closer look at how much it will cost you to upgrade to Windows 7.

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